Mahogany "DJ Mos Precious" Henderson

Founder/Executive Director

DJ Mos Precious is a vibration curator. She embraces all facets of entertainment from the stage performance to create new sounds with your favorites classics. She has over 15 years in entertainment from college radio, blogging, touring and event curating and planning. Her energy is intoxicating and welcoming through all encounters. Her diverse style, music cleverness, and strong sense of empowerment will take you on an everlasting journey.

Based in St. Louis, DJ Mos Precious is ranked as one of Google’s 5 star DJs with a strong passion for creating unforgettable vibes where ever she’s spins. Transferred her skills has an poet and hip hop artist, Mos Precious has performed at tremendous amount of venues around the world including states such as Texas, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and internationally such as Grand Turk, Princess Cay, Honduras and many others. She’s currently the second female DJ for biggest Cruise Ship Company, Carnival Cruise Lines. DJ Mos Precious has a strong grasp on all the music genres and the strategy to advance her brand, while practicing woman empowerment and inspiring the younger generation, this is one of the top reasons to keep a look out for her. Focused and determined to reach all her goals, DJ Mos Precious seeks to inspire and change the narrative of what Female DJs are capable of one performance at a time. DJ Mos Precious for a fact is impacting this generation and those to come with her undeniable classy and peaceful spirit, she continues inspire many through her newly created non for profit Most Precious Dreams Foundation and community organizations.

During her down time, when she is not expanding her musical knowledge or curating new vibration mixes, DJ Mos Precious enjoys playing basketball, creating content and volunteering as a youth girls softball coach.

Although her educational background focuses on business administration, management, psychology and social work and certified in gender and trauma studies, she is capable of understanding and reading the crowd of the people she performs for. DJ Mos Precious is also certified in public relations which has assisted her with public Perceptions and marketing. She is invested in creating everlasting memories and highlighting moments throughout her performances and interactions. While advancing her knowledge in musical gear and customer service, she worked part time as a sales representative at Guitar Center.

Charvon Lyons


Hi, I’m Charvon I was born in Dublin, Ga raised in Detroit MI. I have a passion for swimming, music, and social media influencing. Over the years I have started multiple businesses in the areas of music management, clothing industry, and notary signing services.

In the realm of music management, I have successfully coordinated and executed numerous events, including concerts, album releases, and artist promotions. From negotiating contracts with venues to managing budgets and logistics, my attention to detail and strong organizational skills ensure seamless operations and memorable experiences for both artists and audiences.

My proficiency in social media platforms and digital marketing strategies has allowed me to cultivate and engage online communities effectively. Through strategic content creation, targeted advertising, and data-driven analysis, I have consistently grown brand awareness, increased follower engagement, and enhanced customer loyalty.

Throughout my career, I have honed my customer relations and development skills, fostering long-lasting relationships with multiple clients. By actively listening to their needs, providing exceptional support, and implementing innovative solutions, I have consistently exceeded expectations and drive business growth.

In addition to my professional experience, I have also worked extensively in childcare services. As a compassionate and patient advisor, I have nurtured the well-being and development of children, ensuring their safety and fostering a stimulating environment that encourages learning and creativity.

With a proven track record in music management, social media, customer relations, and childcare services, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the success of this organization. I am eager to bring my versatile skill set, passion for excellence, and dedication to achieving results to the Most Precious Dreams Foundation.