Encouraging the youth to dream, no matter their circumstances.

SPEAK TO ME: This program offers specified micro sessions to get into topics such as public speaking, oral communication, body language, Live speaking performance

FUN DAY AT THE ALLEY: Monthly family bowling nights at selected bowling alleys around the community

DREAM CATCHERS: Designing dream catcher to catch dreams while inspiring critical support for the youth’s “What I wanna be when I grow up answers?”

DREAMS DO COME TRUE: Programmed for specific dream and career areas, research, and guest speakers

MPDF YOUTH IMPACT: Creative and interactive activities specific to leadership and developing skills that will assist with executing every youth’s dream.

YOUTH LEGION OF TUNES: For the next generation of Professional DJs, curriculum designed for ages 12-17.

OPEN ARMS: This program encourages the parents, guardians to participate in their child’s dreams, goals, and plans or ideas.

MPDF CAREER DAY: For public and self guided school visits.

MPDF DAY CAMP: After School and Summer youth focused programming for specific ages starting at 6.

WE DREAM TOGETHER: This Program offers specific focus to the dreams that each and every youth participating in our program has and provides game plans to execute by creating a foundation and outlines.

MPDF Mental Day: Program built to empower the youth mentally and emotionally by participating in proactive community-focused activities, special cleanup days, dog or support animal walks, Senior citizen home visits, and youth focused play-based activities.

MPDF Interactive Studios: Membership only access to private career and dream-focused exhibits.